Adult Group Running Program/Strength & Conditioning

At Peak, we are fortunate to have a exceptional team of professionals at our side. Our partnership with the Workshop Performance Clinic has allowed us opportunities to communicate and collaborate over training and treatment strategies, in effort to provide the most effective protocols for clients.


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Peak Sports Performance is a strength and conditioning company working with athletes across all ages and abilities. Our mission is to guide you to achieve your performance potential through our coaching strategies. We believe in keeping training simple, and are confident that understanding, and applying the basics of training will provide our athletes with the most superior results. When working with our coaches, all of our protocols must have a why behind them. We adopt a goal-oriented approach, and are careful with our exercise considerations to ensure your roadmap to success is as individualized as your individual needs as an athlete. We understand that the needs of sport and daily life change from person to person, and are ready to uncover and collaborate with you to help you excel in whatever your goal may be.

We offer a variety of programs to choose from given your needs. These services are as follows:

• Free 30 minute assessment

• 1 on 1 Coaching

• Youth Group Training (12-17yrs old)

• Private group training

• Adult group classes

Strength & conditioning

Adult Group

Meet Our Group Strength & Conditioning coach

Each patient has different requirements. Please consult with our specialist to determine the best course of action for your needs. 

Erin Reid

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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