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Carley Gottschalk – Vancouver

Personal Trainer

Carley’s childhood was filled with a wide array of recreational and competitive sports, from gymnastics to volleyball, basketball, and soccer, among others. However, alongside her athletic pursuits came inevitable injuries. Despite the frustration and lengthy recovery periods, these setbacks offered her a valuable perspective on the importance of movement and the need to treat our bodies with gratitude.

For Carley, exercise is not just about physical health; it’s about longevity and mental strength. Above all, she exercises because she genuinely loves it. The rush of endorphins she experiences is unparalleled, and knowing that she’s investing in her long-term well-being adds an extra layer of satisfaction. Every day, she strives to improve herself in all aspects of her life.

Carley aspires to inspire others and collaborate with those who have inspired her. She aims to shift the narrative around exercise from something we feel obligated to do to something we genuinely want to do for ourselves—a reflection of the highest form of self-respect.

Outside the gym, Carley can often be found in her favourite leggings (she values comfort over style) making memories with loved ones or cuddling her furry companion, Ollie.