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Dane Lawrence – Vancouver

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Dane is a recent graduate of The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy with a background in athletics, including competitive sports and over seven years of experience as a boxing coach and fitness trainer. Dane brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice. He has managed gyms and fitness studios in both Australia and Vancouver. Drawing on his passion for helping others achieve optimal athleticism and functional movement, Dane employs thorough assessments, manual therapy techniques, and client-centered care to address his clients’ needs effectively.

In addition to his expertise in massage therapy, Dane brings a unique perspective from his previous career as a Helicopter Pilot in Australia. With six years of experience flying and teaching aerodynamics and aviation courses to the military, including serving as a Helicopter Theory Instructor, Dane has honed his skills in precision, attention to detail, and effective communication.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dane stays active as a Soccer Coach and remains an avid supporter of Chelsea Football Club.