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Diana Ramirez – Vancouver

Personal Trainer

Diana is a dedicated certified fitness group instructor and personal trainer with a passion for movement. Her journey began at a young age with dance classes, eventually leading her to become a professional dancer and choreographer. Over the years, she has graced stages alongside renowned singers, appeared in TV shows, commercials, music videos, and performed live concerts in Mexico and various parts of the USA. Diana is a multifaceted individual, having also earned a degree in fashion design and worked in roles such as choreographer, staff coordinator, and assistant producer for numerous performances and live shows.

Following knee surgery, Diana’s focus shifted towards pilates and gym routines for her recovery, sparking her love for the fitness world. She embarked on a journey of continuous learning, undertaking various courses, diplomas, and certifications. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in nutrition, believing that knowledge is endless.

Diana’s background in dance has endowed her with exceptional body awareness, enabling her to guide others in performing exercises correctly. She holds certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, body conditioning, pilates, barre, functional training, bodybuilding, pre and post-pregnancy fitness, among others.

Recently, Diana achieved success by winning a fitness bodybuilding competition in Mexico. She firmly believes that while each individual’s journey and body are unique, anyone can reach their goals by pushing themselves with love and discipline. Her mission is to inspire others to surpass their limits and achieve their aspirations.