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Dominic Melanson - Kinesiologist at Workshop Clinic

Dominic Melanson – Vancouver


Dominic is a highly trained and experienced kinesiologist and certified strength and conditioning specialist with significant experience working with athletes, general population, and individuals with physically demanding professions. He has worked with a variety of specific goals, including:

  • Dryland training for hockey
  • Strength and conditioning for wildlands firefighting
  • In-season and off-season training for ski performance
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness for field sports
  • Pre-surgery plan for complete knee replacement
  • Long term athletic development and movement literacy
  • Olympic weightlifting club performance
  • Training for the RCMP selection process
  • Return-to-play programs for hip, knee, and leg injuries
  • Summer camp programming for rugby
  • In-season team training for women’s basketball
  • Off-season conditioning programs for professional football

In addition to thousands of contact hours with athletes and countless sessions with clinical or general population clients, Dominic has also been a guest speaker for university classes and led workshops for special interest groups.

He has spoken about the art and science of coaching, advanced programming in strength and conditioning, and the use of plyometrics with special populations.

When not in the gym, Dominic is outside adventuring with his dog, or playing board games and D&D.