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Filip Cinco



Fil graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies. During his time in the industry, Fil has worked with a wide demographic of people, including athletes of all ages, capabilities, and backgrounds, both in an individual and group setting. Fil is a big believer of practicing what he preaches. Between sessions you can find Fil refining his technique, and experimenting with his own workouts to fine tune his ability to best deliver his coaching to clients. With a fascination for the human body, Fil understands that everyone’s anatomy is different. In that, he enjoys the process of finding the most appropriate exercises for the individual client based on their needs and capabilities.

Outside of the gym, Fil favours the individual sport setting where he can put his limits to the test. You can catch him hiking or sport climbing in Squamish and at the Hive indoor bouldering gym.