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Kevin Lavers – Vancouver

Personal Trainer

After a short career in the finance industry, Kevin had moved from Calgary to Vancouver, BC in 2015 to pursue a career as a personal trainer. He believes that everyone should find their passion in exercise and include that as part of their lifestyle. With over 15 years of fitness and sports training, he has developed great well-rounded knowledge with resistance and athletic training, nutrition and injury prevention and rehabilitation. Growing up playing many sports all his life, he also explored different types of fitness such as powerlifting, swimming, cycling and boxing, Kevin can share his experience with you to improve your own performance and abilities.

After several sports related injuries, Kevin has learned to help you move properly and strengthen problem areas before injuries, pain and stiffness wreak havoc on your body. Whether you want to lose weight, fix that back and shoulder pain or improve conditioning for athletics, Kevin can get you there while becoming the healthiest you’ve ever been.

“The successes, the pains and the failures I’ve gone through in sports and training has given me a confidence that I take into everything I do. The lessons you learn from training, you should take them into every aspect of your life and remember them when you’re just starting out, about to have a breakthrough or just went through a defeat. I don’t think you should ever forget those things.”