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Louisa Scarlett – Port Moody


Louisa completed a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia in 2016. In addition to her Physiotherapy degree, Louisa holds a Master of Arts in Sport and Exercise Psychology and a Bachelor of Kinesiology. Louisa’s experience and expertise in the field of sport and exercise is diverse and includes working as a personal trainer, researcher, and sport first responder. As a physiotherapist, Louisa utilizes dry needling, manual therapy, shockwave therapy, and soft tissue techniques in her practice to help clients feel, move, and perform better. A strong believer in the importance of movement as medicine, you can expect her to compassionately work with you to find the best exercise prescription and progression to heal and achieve wellness.

As a lifelong athlete, she grew up playing a variety of team sports before becoming a competitive cyclist in university and now focuses on running and triathlon racing. With a growing passion for endurance sport, Louisa loves working with runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes and is dedicated to advancing her knowledge in this area as she strives to perform better personally, and help clients do the same. Louisa is a Certified Bike Fitter and can help you find a safe, comfortable and effective position on your bike for cyclists of all levels. Bike fitting involves a detailed assessment of your cycling history, movement, and riding position, as well as adjustments and recommendations to optimize your position on the bike. Bike fits also include a customized exercise program to address any imbalances or areas of improvement that will help your riding. Louisa also has extensive experience in helping runners with gait analysis and training and agrees that although there is no single ‘right’ way to run, there are definitely types of running strides that involve more potential for injury than others. Louisa can help you optimize your running gait through a biomechanical assessment and provide coaching to help reduce your risk of injury and help you meet your running goals.