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Nick Taylor – Vancouver

Strength and Conditioning Coach

As a Sports Performance Coach and Exercise Therapist in Vancouver, BC, Nick has coached athletes in multiple disciplines – from student athletes, Junior Freeride World Tour skiers, to world-class racing drivers such as Formula 1 driver Lando Norris.

Nick carries a true passion for athletic development and has always been fascinated by sports performance – from playing rugby semi-professionally in the UK, to coaching rugby, football and tennis. Nick spent four years in the Motorsport industry, working with professional racing drivers as they progressed through the Formula 3, Formula 2, WEC and LMP Series. 

Nick specializes in the periodization of strength and conditioning programmes and sport specific training methods for any athlete in preparation for upcoming races, competitions or events. Strength development and injury prevention have always been at the forefront of his coaching concepts. 

Having worked with students through to professional athletes, Nick has found that an integral aspect of coaching is to inspire values and commitment towards positive training spaces and development.