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Noah Spence

Noah Spence – Port Moody


Noah is originally from Red Mountain (Rossland, B.C.). After moving around the world with his parents as a kid, Noah’s family finally settled in North Vancouver where he finished high school. During this time Noah earned provincial and rep appearances in Snowboarding, Tae Kwon Do,
rugby, football, and baseball.

After an unfortunate neck injury in a local snowboard competition, Noah underwent extensive rehab himself and decided to focus on pursuing rugby. After two seasons of playing amateur rugby in Auckland (NZ) Noah had another significant back injury which only solidified his
appreciation and passion for quality rehabilitation. This was also when he decided to go back to school and help others with their own rehabilitation journeys.

While earning his Honours degree from UBC, Noah took up several volunteer positions in the neurological rehab space, completed a pilot on concussion incidence testing in contact sport through the university’s sensorimotor lab, and played rugby for UBC. During his degree he also
started working as a high-performance strength and conditioning coach at an athletic centre in North Vancouver.

After several years working with elite developmental, professional, and Olympic-level clientele in an active rehab and performance-based capacity, Noah wanted to be able to facilitate greater and more long-lasting change to how people perceive, negotiate with, and overcome injury and illness. He completed his Master of Physiotherapy degree from the University of
Queensland (AU).

Noah uses his unique athletic, personal, and professional background to leverage client performance issues early in the rehab process to progress clients off the treatment table and efficiently return to their sport or performance activities within the shortest timeframe possible. Built into this approach is the added benefit of providing clients with tools for self-management to avoid future or recurrent injuries and facilitate patients’ agency in their healthcare-seeking and management choices.