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Personal Training Services Vancouver, BC

Our team of personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches in Vancouver, BC are movement specialists that focus on movement repatterning, injury based rehab, and sport specific conditioning. 

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By focusing on our integrated and personalized approach to fitness and exercise, you’ll have fewer limitations and a greater ability to live the life you want. Our goal is for you to feel your best and reach the goals you have set for yourself. Our trainers are your personal exercise specialists, whose job it is to educate and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our healthcare team of practitioners to get you to your goal in an environment that is tailored-to-you.

Benefits of Personal Training:

Our team of Personal trainers in Vancouver, BC can help you improve on all aspects of your movement including strength, mobility, stability and endurance.  All of our programs are tailored individually and meticulously to you. We strategically coach you until we have reached your personal finish line.

Integrated personal training can help you with;

  • Sports and athletic conditioning 
  • Pre/post natal strength training
  • Postural education and alignment
  • Post-surgical recovery programs
  • Running assessments and injury management
  • Core strengthening
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Mobility and flexibility enhancement 
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Strength and endurance training for runners
  • Biomechanical analysis to prevent injury
  • Home program/gym design

What Workshop Personal Trainers in Vancouver, BC Offer:

  1. We start with you. In order to help you reach your goals 
  2. Our team of personal trainers start with an in-depth consultation/movement assessment. We will uncover, discuss and assess your health history, past routines, injuries, motivation, lifestyle, and anything else pertaining to your health fitness. 
  3. Once we have a clear picture of where you are at, your personal trainer will formulate your unique fitness plan, designed to expedite your fitness goals, optimize your overall health, and position you for longevity – while addressing your specific needs.

Outcomes include:

  • Decrease in pain
  • Weight loss
  • Return to sports or recreation activities
  • Increase in strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved body mechanics and function
  • Improved outlook, confidence and life satisfaction
  • Understanding of strength training and exercise skills
  • Injury prevention

All Workshop treatments include:

  1. An elaborate one on one plan incorporating mobility, strength conditioning, endurance, flexibility and/or maintenance programs.