The Recovery Room



After training, the body needs to clear metabolic waste and restore the natural delivery of oxygen and plasma to the muscles – RecoveryPump compression devices do all of this while you (literally) sit. Recovery Boots, can be used daily to treat fatigued muscles. So kick up your heels, zip up your recovery boots, and catch up on the latest sports alongside fellow athletes at The Workshop Performance Clinic.

This therapy increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body´s re-absorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle. It effectively removes metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone

how the human body removes metabolic waste?

Our lymphatic system and blood vessels work together to flush waste from our cells naturally. Muscular movement, however, is needed to stimulate this process because the lymphatic system does not have a pump, like the heart does. Often athletes will perform light exercise to achieve this muscle contraction and increase circulation in the body, thereby reducing soreness in the muscles. 

RecoveryPump Expedites Post-Workout Recovery?

Although the human body naturally excises waste that causes soreness and fatigue, this takes time. RecoveryPump delivers serious athletes an aggressive but very natural alternative to passive recovery that far exceeds the results achieved from many traditional modes of recovery. Our system simulates localized "active recovery" in a passive manner because the therapy is conducted at rest. 

What Happens When You Use Your RecoveryPump?

Active sequential compression like the RecoveryPump increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body's reabsorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle. Specific levels of compression, measured in mmHg, increase circulation at all levels of the venous system - Deep Veins, Saphenous Veins, Superficial and Perforator Veins - effectively removing metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone. 

Speed up your body's own natural means of recovery and quickly climb back to your peak performance levels with the proven technology that addresses muscle pain at its source.

WHEN should the recovery pump be used?

Use the RecoveryPump System prior to working out for 15-20 minutes to energize the venous system and increase circulation before heavy exertion. In essence, the therapy offers a warm-up cycle, allowing you to hit full stride very quickly. Use of the RecoveryPump System is also recommended immediately after a workout for 30-45 minutes.

how does is compare to ice baths and MASSAGE THERAPY?

Massage, ice baths, and the RecoveryPump System achieve very different outcomes. Massage is primarily therapy that works a muscle group, elongates the muscle, forces fluid from it and relaxes or releases the muscle and relieves spasms. Ice baths primarily provide a huge inflow of blood into the area along with significant muscle contraction. For injury, this is desirable to slow the occurrence of inflammation. For muscle recovery after daily training, ice actually slows the process of recovery because it constricts the blood vessels.

The RecoveryPump System treats the soreness and fatigue in the muscle systemically. The System manipulates the venous system rather than the muscle itself to remove inflammation in the joint, soft tissue and muscle tissue by applying compression and increasing circulation. Massage remains an important part of the recovery process and using the RecoveryPump System before a massage will only make the therapist’s job easier and more effective by reducing inflammation. This causes the muscle to relax before a massage treatment begins.