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Sarah Pedley – Port Moody

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sarah has been involved with sports for 40 years. The current sports she enjoys are: strength training, trail running, road running, mountain biking and triathlons.

Sarah started strength training because she realized that it would help her do all the sports she loves for much longer in her life. But as it turned out, she also has a passion for strength training.

Upon completing her precision nutrition qualification to help balance endurance running and strength training, she realized that there is so much more to learn in this industry, and has since completed her personal training certification with a few more certifications lined up for this year.

As an athlete, it’s Sarah’s goal to run an ultra marathon in 2022. Along the way, she would like to start working with and inspiring those who are new to running and want to learn more about blending the strength and endurance world together for health, fun, injury prevention, and longevity.

If Sarah isn’t out with her dog, Rudy, you will find her out and about with her husband on the back of their motorbike. One of her favourite trips thus far was to Moab for their wedding anniversary a few years ago – they rented a mountain bike and rode the red rock.

The best thing about exercise for her is the confidence she has gained!