What is dry needling?

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​We always get patients coming in asking for needling. What is needling? What kind of needling do we do? And what is it? They are 2 types of needling. Most people have heard of acupuncture. Or IMS which stands for inter muscular stimulation.  They are both categorized under dry needling. We at The Workshop Clinic do IMS. 

A quick summary of what IMS is. Essentially, we’re going to find a trigger in a muscle and we’re going to release it. So basically it’s an acupuncture needle into the muscle and we get that needle into the trigger point of the muscle and we piston it around to release it. 


To restore range of motion in that muscle. A lot of people ask it it’s painful, and most patients agrees that it hurts. However, patient seems to be addicted to it. Most important, it’s supper effective! 

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