Rachelle Bonneville


Rachelle completed her Masters in Physiotherapy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has a background in Kinesiology and has worked as a personal trainer for over 8 years. Rachelle has enjoyed training a variety of backgrounds including older adults, individuals with acute and chronic conditions, various musculoskeletal injuries, triathletes, as well as the average or aspiring physically active Vancouverite.

Rachelle wrote her thesis on improving women’s self-efficacy with pelvic floor muscle exercises to help treat urinary incontinence. She is trained in pre and post-natal fitness and hopes to continue supporting this population through her physiotherapy practice. 

As a result of her own experience with ACL reconstructions, Rachelle developed an appreciation for holistic individualized strength training for rehabilitative and injury prevention purposes. Using a thorough assessment to identify the source of one’s symptoms, Rachelle aims to empower her clients with the knowledge to optimize their movement patterns and facilitate their body’s natural healing process. Rachelle believes there is a necessary bridge between treating an acute injury and progressively establishing a strong foundation to ensure her clients confidently and safely return to their desired activities. For this reason, she combines her physiotherapy practice with personal or small group training. Active Rehab appointments with Rachelle can be claimed through your extended health provider under physiotherapy.